ALTO is a studio of interior design and furniture design.

It's the combination of a man and a woman, two-Interior Architects-Designers. 
Every thing began in 2010, with a large complementarity and full of ideas in their mind. 

After working independently in the world of retail and luxury, the architect couple decide to join in the work and propose a new way of doing the Interior Design. 

Their desire is to place the contracting authority at the heart of his project. Never try to impose their signature they provide an objective look at trying to understand the fairer staff client project. This is a policy that defines them. 

Both bring a concrete and pragmatic response to the problems of interior project while following the budget imposed whatever it is. That is why ALTO wish to define their customers rather "partner."




Born in Vienna, Alexandra has spent his life in Austria, Paris and Athens. 

This beautiful arc that connects these three countries is a bridge of arts that opened naturally to the wealth of each location met in his life. 

Growing up in the middle of the most beautiful monuments, born a passion which naturally guided to Architecture. Endowed with a true artist's soul she ever look beautiful.
Graduate of Architecture and Interior Design in Paris, since it expresses a creative and poetic spirit. 

Alexandra worked for some years in France in various fields, particularly in the luxury to one of the largest retail agency in France. After she met Thomas, they choose to live in Greece. 

Back to the caryatids and myths cradle, she will have the chance to work in one of the best architectural firm in Athens. 
Passionate in her work she brings poetry with a project still need to give it a soul. 

With her pencil, Alexandra will always express themselves better



Born in Paris, raised between Les Halles in Paris and Switzerland, the diagonal would not have been perfect without going through Greece and ending up in Switzerland.
Caught between two cultures has always been growing amid antique furniture and surrounded by architects, Athens was indeed the place where Thomas could find its climax. 

Graduate of the Ecole Camondo in Paris, he began his career in one of the largest agency of commercial architecture in France before the destiny takes him to the cradle of Pericles. 

Athenians for 10 years and then back in Switzerland, Thomas worked for Greek and French agencies on various projects of Design and Retail before joining in 2010 with his wife Alexandra to create the agency ALTO.

Permanently engaged between pragmatism and creativity, especially like Thomas understand the deepest desires of the people who seek to achieve their dreams. 

Listening and restore confidence given to him.


The interior design is the center that brings together in one, all the arts of design. It is able to appreciate a space maximum advantage. Adapting the geometry of a place in need of the one who inhabits. It is a combination of technique, tips, know-how and art. The best result is simply natural.


The "home" is divided into two distinct worlds: public and private.
The coordination of this two worlds must be logical and natural. To do this it must meet some important rules that will organize your space to meet your personal criteria.


A workspace is a smart and ergonomic space. All work is to adapt your office at the complexities your business demands. It must meet all the constraints.
A workspace in which we work well is a space in which we like to work.


Each project is a unique opportunity to create new furniture fit 100% to your actual needs.
It is also affirm its taste and difference. And it's set up on a permanent basis its brand identity at home.